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January 14, 2017

Dear MPS Customers,

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for being loyal customers. Without you, we would not be here and we understand that and greatly appreciate your business.  As we grow, we find some changes must be made to our day-to-day operations to better serve you.  One of our recent changes being the movie rental card system.  While some may currently see this as an inconvenience, this program is designed to help speed up the checkout process and alleviate account errors.

With the new program, you must, let me repeat that, you MUST have your movie rental card to rent movies or games.  If you do not have a card yet do not worry, we will issue one to you.  All you need to do is come in and fill out a rental agreement.  Nothing has changed the prices remain the same, I have just found it necessary to put everything in writing. 

Once you are issued a rental card you must have it with you every time you choose to rent a movie or game.  Over the years, we have come to know many of you personally, however that does not change the fact that you need the card to rent.  I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, however due to a few bad apples basically stealing our products (renting and never returning) this has become a necessary step moving forward.

As with everything, some growing pains will be experienced in the beginning, but will quickly be smoothed out.  Again, I have determined this to be a crucial change in our daily operations as we have had tens of thousands of dollars stolen from us in movies and games that have never been returned.  As a small business that greatly affects my livelihood, as well as my family’s ability to survive and those of you who know me know I do not take that lightly.

Please do not take it personally if any member of my staff informs you that they cannot rent to you unless you have your card.  I have made it clear to them that under no circumstance are they allowed to rent to anyone without a card.  Unfortunately, this means if you forgot your card you would need to get it and return to be able to rent.  IF this happens, rest assured, we will hold the movies or games you have selected for a reasonable amount of time.

Again, thank you for your support over the years.  I look forward to continuing our business relationship throughout the upcoming years.




A Letter From The Owner