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Video Game Console Cleaning

The dust in Mountain Home is murder on your electronics.  Instead of spending a fortune on replacing that console let us clean it for you.  For only $10 we will strip it apart clean all the dust and other foreign material out and extend the life of your system.  Most RROD and YLOD systems are packed full of dust when they are finally taken apart but by then it’s too late.  Save yourself a boatload of money in replacement cost and let one of our techs clean your system today. 

Don’t forget about that nasty controller that has remnants of energy drinks and Doritos all over it.  For only $5 we will fully clean it.​

Movie Rentals

We are the home of the dollar DVD rental.  We add new release movies to our selection every week.  With an account you can rent a DVD for a total of $1 (.94 plus .06 tax for an exact dollar) per day.  Blu-Rays can be rented for only $1.25 (1.18 plus .07 tax for a total of 1.25) per day.  Unlike video stores of the past you can rent a movie for as little as one day none of that 3 or 5-day rental nonsense.  No extra fees for being late either.  If you keep the movie for another day you just pay the daily rate for however many days that you have it out.

Certain games can also be rented for $2 (1.88 plus .12 tax for a total of $2) a day or $10 a (7 day) week.  If you like a game and want to purchase it, we will take the rental price off the cost of the game so it’s like you never rented it.  

We offer free layaway all year.  The terms for most layaway plans is 30% down and 3 months to pay the item/s off.  On some more expensive items like gaming computers and arcade machines we offer 6-month layaway plans.

You MUST make your first and last layaway payment in store.  You can use the buttons below to make payments towards your layaway balance.   We will email you a receipt within 2-3 days..

To Make a $20 Layaway Payment 

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To Make a $40 Layaway Payment

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To Make a $50 Layaway Payment

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To Make a $75 Layaway Payment 

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To Make a $100 Layaway Payment

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PC Repair

Got a Virus?  Laptop wont charge? Jr. dropped the laptop and now the screen is broken?  Let our professional PC repair techs get your computer up and running again.  At a fraction of what the big box store wants to charge you we can repair your system.  Rest easy all our repairs are backed by our 1-year warranty (90 day parts and 1-year labor) for no additional cost.  No matter the problem our techs will check out your system.  Once they have a diagnosis we will call you with a price estimate and get your permission before proceeding.  No pushy sales people, no illegal software, just straight forward and honest customer service.

Special Orders

If we do not have it in stock, we can order it.  We work with a network of game stores/venders to provide the largest selection possible.  If you would like something ordered or if you just want to see if we have it in stock without having to leave your house please fill out the form below and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Disc Resurfacing
For only $2 we can fix that scratched up disc that doesn’t play.  Why spending all that money replacing when a trip to the resurfacer could fix everything.

Video Game System Repair

Console not functioning properly?  Games wont paly?  No worries we can help.  Let our trained staff get your console back to working order.  While we are repairing it we will also clean your system at no extra charge ($10 value).  Be worry free as all of our repairs are backed by our 1-year warranty (90 day parts and 1-year labor) for no additional cost.  We do not believe in charging diagnostic fees so it is free for us to look at your system and we will call you with a price estimate before performing any work on your system. 

We also replace thumb sticks on controllers so if they are worn out stop by and for $10 we will replace the sticks and clean your controller.​

Warranty Info

All of our systems, computers, tablets, phones, and repairs come with a 1-year warranty (90-day part and 1-year labor).  Specific warranty information is given at time of purchase.  Please use the form below to register your warranty.

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